About Adventure Cove Waterpark

If you wish to have endless watery pleasure head to Adventure Cove Waterpark, one of the best water parks in Singapore. It is an aquatic recreational park where you can enjoy snorkeling, PADI-certified scuba diving activities, sea trekking, and shark diving. The main attractions of this park are a hydromagnetic coaster named Riptide Rocket and Southeast Asia's first Pipeline Plunge. Swim with silvertip, sandbar sharks, and hammerhead by signing up for Shark Encounters. Enjoy a thrilling ride down Adventure River, which features fourteen themed zones, including a grotto cave and jungle garden. The kids will have the best time of their lives as they swoosh down the hydro-magnetic coaster and splash around Seahorse Hideaway. For thrill-seekers, there are various water slides, including Riptide Rocket, Pipeline Plunge, and Spiral Washout. Enjoy an amazing tube ride that will take you spinning through a turning, twisting water flume at high speeds and discharge you into a splash pool. Grab the Adventure Cove Tickets online to enjoy the best thrilling adventure. By booking adventure cove tickets online, you can skip the long queue and get straight to the park. To have insane fun at the water park, you can enjoy free-fall platform cliff jumping, balancing acts, and wet and wild rope swinging. After the extreme adventure and fun, you can enjoy a lip-smacking meal at The Bay Restaurant. So get ready to take heart-pounding water challenges by visiting Adventure Cove Waterpark now!

Timing of Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Timing of Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore


The Timing of Adventure Cove Waterpark is from 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Monday to Sunday).

Best Time to Visit:

Dec-June is the best time to visit Adventure Cove Waterpark as the weather remains pleasant during these months, and you can enjoy the various activities without bothering about the sweltering heat. Weekdays(opening hours) are also the best time to visit Adventure Cove Waterpark as the rush is less, and you can enjoy the various activities without any hassle.

Location of Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Location of Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

1. Location: Adventure Cove Location is near Dolphin Island at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore.

2. How to Reach:

  • By Bus

If you're thinking about how to reach Adventure Cove by bus, you'll be glad to know that buses regularly run from all major Harbourfront in Singapore to Adventure Cove. Get down at Bus Stop 14519, situated at the Resorts World Bus Stop. Turn right to take the elevator that will take you to Level 1. Follow the signs along the waterfront to reach Adventure Cove Waterpark.

  • By Cable Car

To reach Adventure Cove by cable car, you can take the cable car to the Imbiah Station from Harbourfront station. Take the Sentosa express and get down at the Waterfront station. You'll now have to walk to the Merlion Statuette. From here, head to the Maritime Experiential. Follow the signs along the waterfront to reach the waterpark.

  • By Car

To reach Adventure Cove by car, drive on the Sentosa Gateway and take the left lane towards the Sentosa Car Park. You'll now have to turn right towards the 'Cars/Taxi' space. Follow the signage to Adventure Cove on Level 1. You'll have to pay extra parking charges for the car park.

Rules and Regulations of Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

  • Don 't bring outside food and drinks inside Adventure Cove Waterpark.
  • Before entering the pools and enjoying water rides, guests should take a shower.
  • Guests must carry swimwear as per the waterpark swimwear policy. You can contact the Guest Service Team members or The Lifeguards for more information.
  • You should meet certain size and height limitations to enjoy the attractions and rides across the park.
  • Children under 122cm can only enter the park if they're accompanied by an adult.
  • You can secure your valuables and belongings in lockers by paying a nominal fee.
  • Don't bring floatation devices inside the park.

Know Before You Go Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Dress Code
  • Lockers: Lockers can be found at the Bay Restaurant and the entrance. Use the locker near the Bay restaurant as it's located conveniently, and you won't have to walk a lot to access your valuables. Lockers are available in Small (360mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) and Large (910mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) sizes. Costs of the lockers for daily rentals are SGD10 (Small) and SGD20 (Large) during park operating hours.
  • First Aid StationsFirst Aid Stations are located inside the park to cater to the health emergencies of the guests. You can head to the First Aid Stations if you feel unwell or face health issues during your visit to the park.
  • WheelchairsA wheelchair facility is available for those who're physically impaired. You'll have to pay a small fee to get access to the wheelchair.
  • Drinking FountainsRefill your water bottle from the drinking fountains that are located in several areas within the park.

Rides at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Rides at Adventure Cove Waterpark

The various water rides in the Adventure Cove Waterpark you can explore and enjoy are as follows:

  • Rocket-powered Riptide: This is Singapore's first hydro-magnetic roller coaster that will leave you in awe with its amazing twists and turns.
  • The Adventure River: Pass through an underwater cave and see the beautiful aquatic creatures swimming above as you get drenched by water shooters and mini dumping buckets.
  • Whirlpool Washout: Navigate a series of dips and curves to get to the splash pool that is located at the end of the Whirlpool Washout.
  • Dueling Racer: Test your slide abilities on this two-lane Dueling Racer waterslide. You can compete with your friends in a race to the bottom. To enhance the fun quotient, you'll be slowed down by the bumps and dips.
  • Tidal Twister: This is an open flume ride that transforms quickly into a maze of twists and turns. This ride will make you go forward quickly while moving side to side towards oblivion.

Things to do at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Things to do at Adventure Cove Waterpark
  • Special Experiences: This zone allows you to unveil the mysteries of the ocean and interact with marine species. Get up close with the intelligent dolphins as you can splash, touch, and click a selfie with them. Wade, touch and feed rays, watch them gliding beautifully, and play with them.

  • Shopping: Stock up souvenirs for your dear ones by heading to Reef n Wave Wear, the only gift store at Adventure Cove Waterpark. You can buy a variety of flip-flops, swimwear, caps, and accessories at the shop. The shop also offers themed collectibles that you can buy as gifts for your dear ones.

  • Dining: If you feel hungry amidst all the thrill and adventure, then head to the Bay Restaurant to enjoy some Japanese and Asian treats. You can enjoy snacks and beverages at Hot Dogs, Drink Carts, and Blue Ice Treats.

  • Rides: Slash in this water playground that has fourteen thrilling attractions and rides. Enjoy adrenaline-pumping water slides or clock the fastest plunge with your friends.

FAQ's of Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

What are the Opening Hours of Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore?

    The opening time of Adventure Cove is from 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM (Monday to Sunday).

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How long is it required to experience the whole Adventure Cove Waterpark to the fullest?

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