Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark Overview

Adventure Cove Waterpark has Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster next to S.E.A. Aquarium. You can see some marine creatures in the park and try out the ultimate activities, i.e., snorkelling with 20,000 fishes. Visitors can expect thrilling and fast rides, a gentle float down to the adventure river and get splashed at Sentosa adventure cove. At adventure cove, you can check out 15 segments. The middle section gives access to the water slides. It is recommended to the visitors to enjoy some of the enticing yet popular rides here namely, Rainbow reef, Bluewater Bay, and Riptide Rocket. For children out there who are eyeing for some thrill and adventure, the rides, namely, Duelling Racers and Riptide Rocket are the best bet.

There is no dearth of fantastic activities and challenges as far as rides are concerned in this park. To taste an adrenaline rush, try victory bell, rope bridge, balancing beam, and cliff jumps. Get all prepared and head towards the most famous Adventure Cove Waterpark. Here is all you need to know to plan an exciting visit to the Adventure Cove Waterpark. The waterpark owns the best wave pool, known as Bluewater Bay. Two-meter-high waves will knock you off your feet, so you must take life jackets.

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Things To Do At Adventure Cove Waterpark

Experience Mind blowing Rides

Riptide Rocket – This is a hydromagnetic coaster which simulates a roller–coaster ride for adrenaline addicts. Participants are transported on a conveyor belt with a tube to be released into the ride, like launching a rocket and flushed into a dark tunnel in a few minutes.

Duelling Racer – It is located next to Riptide Rocket and consists of duelling on a racer mat down a slide.

Other mind-blowing rides include spiral washout, tidal twister and pipeline plunge, which consist of downhills, spins and swirls.

Enjoy Dolphin Encounters

The place is also home to Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, which are very interactive. You can swim, play and meet with these beautiful creatures. Here, you can interact with bottlenose dolphins without entering the water. However, if you wish to swim with them in shallow water, you can do so with the help of specialised trainers. So, no swimming skills are required for it. Join the diverse programmes where you can enjoy a unique experience with these amazing marine mammals, either in deep waters or from the sidelines. You will also gain a deep understanding of the migration pattern anatomy, diet and habitats. Moreover, you can also learn about the ongoing research to build a more robust and sustainable marine environment. You need to buy additional adventure cove tickets to swim with dolphins.

Visit Lip-Snacking Dining Options

Sentosa Adventure Cove offers sip, snacks and dining alongside the pool. You can grab a delicious pizza or tasty waffle cone of homemade sweet gelato. Visitors can grab fantastic lip snacking dining options to keep you going all day. One amazing option is to get refreshed and refilled from the comfort of your cabana. Here, you can either order from your lounge chair or stroll over to grab a delicious bite.Another wonderful experience will be enjoying the tropical breeze and the waves with an exciting flow rider view at Surf house, which remains open daily and offers you a special drink of the season.

Signature restaurants available here are Table65, Syun, Osia Steak and Seafood Grill, Ocean Restaurant, Feng Shui Inn, and Curate Cucina Pisana. They will offer multiple cuisines like Asian, western, Japanese, Italian, Hala, quick bites, bars & lounges.

Buy Your Favorites At Shopping Places
  • Beauty and wellness – This section is located at Galleria level 2, where you can find shops for numerous famous brands like ShuUemura, Shiseido, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Mont Blanc, La Prairie, Lancome, Lacoste, L’oreal, L’occitane, Kenzo, JLO, Gaultier, Chloe, Aramis etc.
  • Convenience stores – An extensive section is dedicated to a convenience store which includes amazing options like Twelve cupcakes, Candylicious, Hershey’s chocolate world Singapore and much more.
  • Fashion and accessories – With numerous options like beauty love, BOSS Menswear, Bvlgari, Coach, Furla, Longchamp, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren etc., one can grab excellent accessories from here.
  • Watches and jewellery – Bvlgari, Cartier, Chopard, Jaeger – LeCoultre, Omega, Rolex, Swarovski, Swiss watch gallery etc., offers an exciting collection of watches and jewellery in this park shopping centre.
  • Toys, lifestyle and souvenirs – Take your kids to the toy section, and you can buy some wonderful toys. Do not miss out on lifestyle and souvenirs shopping from famous brands like LEGO, Candylicious, Peranakan, Rimowa, Rock Shop, Tumi etc.

Rides In Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure River

Twizzle through a series of exciting dips, revolutions, twists and turns in this thrilling ride, including the Whirlpool washout. It will take you through open areas and tunnels and finally dip you into whirlpool madness. You can lay down and drift down in this lazy river, crossing 14 mind-blowing themed zones, including a grotto cave and jungle garden. Also, while crossing the tunnels, you can gaze at beautiful and colourful marine life.

Height Restriction – Open for all, but adults must accompany children under 122 cm in height.

Attraction Type - Outdoor activity, Slow moving river

Big Bucket Treehouse

The Big Bucket Treehouse in adventure cove Singapore is located in the centre of a wading pool which ranges up to 0.3 m in depth. Upper level consists of 2 water slides accessible via Rope Bridge and stairways. In this ride, you need to brace yourself for the tipping of the glide down waterslides, brimming buckets under a gushing waterfall. Then climb the cargo net again to reach the top. The water pool is best for kids.

Height Restriction - Open for all, but adults must accompany children under 122 cm in height.

Attraction Type – Outdoor activity, Wading pool

Bluewater Bay

You can access Bluewater Bay via gradual sloping entry to the pool. Before taking this ride, you will be instructed by the lifeguards, and you should adhere to those instructions. Here you can relax at the edge of the wavy park in a deck chair or cabana or frolic in the vast wave pool as the water undulates. Enjoy your excitement built with these waves.

Height Restriction - Open for all, but adults must accompany children under 122 cm in height.

Attraction Type – Outdoor activity, Wave Pool

Duelling Racer

It is a two-lane slide where you can ride with your partner. Each slide is suitable for a single rider. It would be best to hold both the handles placed in front of the mat and keep your elbows tucked in. Always keep in mind the instruction given by the slide operator. In this ride, you can test your slide skills against your partner. Enjoy the race, and do not let the bumps and dips slow you down!

Height Restriction – Visitors under 107 cm are not allowed. And children under 122 cm in height must be accompanied by adults.

Attraction Type – Outdoor activity, Racing waterslides

Pipeline Plunge

Get yourself soaked in a dark tunnel full of surprises like exhilarating dips, radical twists, and banked turns before plunging into the water pool. The ride is best for single and double riders. Solo riders need to sit on the front seat of a double raft to maintain balance. Two people will sit on the tube, one behind the other, and enjoy themselves together on a double raft.

Height Restriction - Visitors must be 122 cm and taller in height to ride.

Weight Restriction - The weight of a single rider should not be more than 115 kg, and the combined weight of riders for a double raft should not be more than 180 kg per raft.

Attraction Type – Outdoor activity, High-Speed water slide

Spiral Washout

Prepare yourself to be funnelled down into an exhilarating tube ride at Sentosa Adventure Cove. You will experience turning and twisting water flumes incredibly fast before being ejected into a splash pool. This ride is also best for solo and double riders. You can take your friends or family members with you to experience the splash of water while enjoying the ride.

Height Restriction - Visitors under 122 cm in height cannot use this ride.

Weight Restriction - The weight of a single rider should not be more than 115 kg. The combined weight of both riders for a double raft should not be more than 180 kg per raft.

Attraction Type - Outdoor activity, Thrilling water slide

Tidal Twister

Tidal twist is a perfect ride for single or double riders where you need to sit on a tube and pass through various stunning experiences at maximum speed. The ride will start with a slow pace, but do not let the mild start deceive you as this gentle open flume ride will soon convert into multiple swirls and twists and send you careening into oblivion at very high speed and maximum fun.

Height Restriction - Visitors under 122 cm in height cannot use this ride.

Weight Restriction - The weight of a single rider should not be more than 115 kg. The combined weight of both riders for a double raft should not be more than 180 kg per raft.

Attraction Type - Outdoor activity, Thrilling water slide

Rainbow Reef

In the fantastic Rainbow reef at adventure cove Singapore you will be required to breathe via standard snorkel. However, if you have any respiratory issues, you should skip this. Move with the current, keep yourself safe, and do not try to climb or hang on the rocks. Also, do not touch or grab any marine life. Here you will get the opportunity to snorkel with 20,000 reef inhabitants of various colours, sizes and hues.

Age and Height Restriction - Visitors under 107 cm are not allowed. And children between 107 cm to 122 cm in height must be accompanied by adults.

Attraction Type – Outdoor activity, Snorkelling


This is an insanely fun ride, including free-fall platform cliff jumping. You can also enjoy wild and wet ropes and various balancing obstacles right over the safety net. Visitors are required to be competent swimmers, and you need to step out of the pool with the help of a ladder. All activities require physical ability, so come prepared to enjoy the ride.

Age and Height Restriction - Visitors under 122 cm in height cannot take this ride.

Weight Restriction - The weight of a rider should not be more than 120 kg.

Attraction Type – Outdoor activity, Obstacle-based attraction

Dolphin Experiences at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Dolphin Adventure

Build a special bond with the beautiful marine mammals as you dive into deeper water with bottlenose dolphins. Experience the ultimate euphoria of Indo-Pacific dolphins propelling you via the water at top speed.

  • Videography and photography via visitors are not permitted. A professional photographer will be there to capture your experience. To buy these photos, you need to pay the charges.
  • Children below 13 years old are not allowed.
  • This program is best for proficient swimmers.
  • You should reach the participant area 20 minutes before the program starts, and you should be in swimming attire.
Dolphin Discovery

In this particular interaction program of adventure cove Singapore, you can meet the friendly dolphins. The pool here is the best classroom to learn about the beautiful marine mammals and their requirements for conservation.

  • The program is best for non-swimmers.
  • Kids must enter the water with an adult. So, the ticket needs to be purchased for both kids and adults.
  • You need to arrive at the program location 20 minutes in advance.
  • Children below 4 years old are not allowed.
  • You cannot do photography or videography as it is banned. However, a professional photographer will capture your experience.
Dolphin Encounter

Without getting into the water, you can interact with the intelligent dolphins. These beautiful creatures will come to the lagoon's edge to be with you. You can take photos, touch them, and splash water with them. Trainers will be available all the time so that these beautiful marine mammals can interact with you appropriately. You can also see dolphins doing various cute activities to entertain the crowd.

  • Children below 4 years old are not allowed.
  • Kids should be accompanied by their parents or guardians.
  • Any person below 21 years should be present with a guardian.
Dolphin Observer

As a guest, you can join the Dolphin observer programme at adventure cove Singapore. From your poolside seat, you can observe dolphin play. You can ask the host everything you want to know about the behaviour of dolphins.

  • This program is specially reserved for visitors with family and friends who wish to participate in the dolphin observer program.
  • You need to arrive 20 minutes before the start of this program.
  • Get as much knowledge about the dolphins as possible, but you cannot record any video or take pictures.
  • Pictures can be taken by professional photographers present at the event site.
  • Children below 4 years old are not allowed.
Dolphin Trek

At Sentosa adventure cove, you can interact with dolphins in their underwater environment on the lagoon floor. Just wear the underwater helmets that will allow you to breathe under the water and observe beautiful dolphins at every level.

  • This dolphin program is suitable for non-swimmers.
  • Here SCUBA- certification is also not required.
  • Make sure you do not have to board a flight within the next 12 hours.
  • You should reach here 20 minutes before the start of the program.
  • Children below 21 years old must be accompanied by a guardian who is 21 years or above.
  • You need to buy your images from a professional photographer as you cannot take your camera.
Ray Bay Encounter

Enjoy the magic of these regal rays through an up-close encounter with marine life in the water pool. Watch them feed, touch their velvety wings, and wade with them.
Guests participating in this program need to enter a pebble floored saltwater environment. Here they can hand-feed the rays.

  • You need to wear gloves and booties as you have to feed these creatures with your own hands.
  • Any person below 21 years should participate with a legal guardian in the water. And one guardian can join with a maximum of 3 children.
  • You should reach the location 15 minutes before the start of the show.
  • For this program, it is very important to follow the instructions given by the operators.

Dining Options at Adventure Cove Water Park

Blue Ice Treats

Want to regain your energy after tiring rides? You should come to Blue Ice Treats located at adventure cove Singapore. Here you can grab a replenishing energy booster drink with the snacks of your choice. The food items you can get here include sandwiches, corn dogs and popcorn chickens. The store serves the guests from 10 in the morning till 5 in the evening. You can also relax here on the chairs lying just outside the store.

Hot Dogs and Drinks Cart

Go to the hot dogs and drinks cart if you are tired and now want to feed something relishing to satisfy your taste buds at the Sentosa adventure cove. Here you can provide yourself with delicious hotdogs and a huge set of iced-cold drinks. Along with this, the store also offers crispy nachos. If you want more, grab some nice ice creams and enjoy the fantastic view of the pool. This shop remains open from 10 in the morning till 5 in the evening and is the best stop for quick munching.

Other Famous Attractions to See at Sentosa Island

S.E.A Aquarium

It is the largest aquarium in the world and is home to 100,000 aquatic animals. You can see marine life from all major oceans. The S.E.A Aquarium is specially designed to create the conditions of their natural habitats. Aquarium has 50 different habitats in 10 zones; all are arranged within a large venue at Sentosa Adventure Cove. To explore the aquarium properly, you should have at least 3 hours.

Universal Studios Singapore

Enjoy the world’s tallest roller coaster, the Battlestar Galactica with Puss in boot’s giant journey kids, and the Sesame Street spaghetti space chase at Universal Studios Singapore. Kiddie characters aside from the theme park also revisit famous movies like Transformer, The Mummy, and Jurassic Park. The attraction in this Sentosa adventure cove offers everything from a rock-climbing wall to interactive 3D battles between Deception and Autobots.

Madame Tussauds Singapore

Capture the best selfie with your favourite personalities like Lady Gaga, Shah Rukh Khan, and Cristiano Ronaldo at the famous wax attraction in Madame Tussauds. If this does not satisfy you, explore the all-new Marvel Universe 4D cinema that transports you into the ocean of action movies, and the VR racing experience pits you against the best. The film starts an experience which should not be missed as here you can audition for leading roles and dance and act alongside Indian cinema superstars like Karan Johar and Shahid Kapoor.

Know Before You Go Adventure Cove Waterpark

Essential Information
Facilities & Dress Code
Essential Tips


  • Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 5 PM

How to Reach:

  1. Cable Car– From HarbourFront station, take the cable car to Imbiah station and the Sentosa Express to the waterfront. Now follow the signs, and you will reach the park in a few minutes.
  2. Bus or Taxi – Take bus numbers 65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 144, or 166 and deboard at Vivo city bus stop, i.e., nearest bus stop near park and from there it is a few minutes away.
  3. By MRT – Reach Harbourfront station, i.e., the nearest station to the park and from there, either use Sentosa Express or walk to Sentosa Boardwalk to reach the park.
  • Facilities - After entering the park, you will see a locker room and washrooms. Lockers are available here on a rental basis. For a small one (360mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep), you need to pay $10, and for a larger one(910mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep), pay $20. You can also explore numerous restaurants providing a splendid experience. Also, there is a huge shopping centre with various brands to explore.
  • Dress code - There is no dress code. But to enjoy the rides comfortably, you should carry swimsuits, wetsuits, pants, shorts, and t-shirts. Do not wear loose clothes as it may result in exposure and will not be best for any ride.
  • Take towels and sunscreen with you to protect yourself from the Sun as most of the rides are located outside and as the day progresses, it gets pretty sunny.
  • Locker facilities are available in the park with the option of big and small lockers. You can keep your items safe there but carry the necessary items to enjoy the thrilling games.
  • Bring an extra pair of comfortable clothes to participate in the games. Make sure the clothes are not ill-fitted so that you do not expose yourself while playing water games. It will be best if you wear swimwear.
  • The park remains open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, but you should arrive early to avoid crowded queues. If you are reaching early, aim for hitting at least 10 of the attractions as soon as you enter.
  • Make sure to wear swimsuits to enjoy the rides comfortably.
  • It is best to buy the tickets online to avoid standing at the ticket counter for grabbing the tickets. You can take the Express Pass for priority access.
  • Don’t miss out on the amazing food options and you can choose to snack at the food carts. These options are tasty and economical.

FAQs of Adventure Cove Waterpark

What are the best rides at Adventure Cove Waterpark?

The Best Rides of Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore include:

  1. Dueling Racer – Challenge a front on a thrilling competitive race down the water slide.
  2. Pipeline Plunge– Experience like riding a water tornado in the dark tunnels.
  3. Riptide Rocket– The most thrilling ride of adventure cove is a combination of terrifying twists, plunging drops, and dizzying climbs.
  4. Spiral Washout – It is an oscillating tube ride and will take you on a spiralling adventure with unending turns and twists.
  5. Tidal Twister – This is an exciting and unexpected water slide. It will give you surprising turns and twists with a mind-blowing experience.

Is Dolphin Island safe to visit at Adventure Cove Waterpark?

Dolphin land is another amusement park inside the adventure cove. There are lots of dolphins, and it is safe for humans. The place is made to offer excitement, fun and education to humans, especially kids.

How long is it required to experience the whole Adventure Cove Waterpark to the fullest?

If you want to enjoy every corner of Sentosa adventure cove, it is recommended to spend an entire day. It is because there are multiple rides and exciting places to cover. But they require some waiting time. Also, there are restaurants and shopping areas which have amazing stuff which should not be missed. The dolphin area in the park itself requires 4-5 hours, so you need one entire day to explore the park to the fullest.

Can Adventure Cove Tickets be booked in Advance?

The easiest and most recommended way to book adventure cove tickets is to book them online. Benefits of online booking are:

1.) Discounts – Online bookings always offer attractive discounts. Book your tickets online and pay the same money.

2.) Convenience – If you made a last-minute plan to visit the water park, you could easily skip standing in the long queue by booking tickets online.

3.) Advance booking – Due to limited capacity because of the ongoing pandemic, you should always book your tickets in advance and reserve your seats. Also, this is a great way to skip all worries and hassle of ticket booking.

4.) Flexible cancellations – Online bookings always offer flexible cancellations. The refund depends on the cancellation scheme, but you can cancel the ticket as per your requirement.

Should I book my Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets online?

To start an organised, adventurous day at the water park, you should always book your tickets online. As it will help you skip long queues at the park ticket counter, there may be chances that you may not get the ticket on a required day due to limited entry. Also, you can avail of some excellent discounts on online ticket booking.

What are different animal encounters at Adventure Cove Waterpark?

Different animals to see at adventure cove water park are 20,000 fishes, Ray Species, Sharks, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Seahorses, Jellyfish and many more.

Which nearby attractions can be visited while visiting Adventure Cove Waterpark?

There are many splendid attractions near Adventure Cove Singapore that will appeal to all your five senses with their magical charisma. If you want to have a spine-chilling adventure, you can head to Sentosa 4D AdventureLand, a high-tech interactive entertainment zone where you can experience the different effects of 4D technology. Step into the spotlight alongside your favorite icons and celebrities by visiting Madame Tussauds Singapore. Get to discover optical illusions of different characters and themes at Trick Eye Museum.


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